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Logol guides you in embracing a cloud-based infrastructure to implement the ultimate workplace. We walk you up a swift, systematic and secure migration of data and applications, from on-premise servers to the cloud. All you need is to keep connected.

Join The Power Of The Cloud

Logol provides you with the most advanced digital tools and a smart operating system that allow full integration with workplace productivity apps.


We leverage our world-class expertise in AI to enhance standard data protection tools and deliver cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to fully guarantee the integrity of your data.


Your office is exactly where you want it to be. It simply travels by your side, as long as an Internet connection is available. Keep connected to your business anytime, anywhere.

The main advantages provided
by Cloud Migration:

Security standards

Keep your data safe with the highest security and privacy standards.

Software updates

No time wasted on updating your software and re-booting your server.

Documents and data

Always work on the latest version of your documents and real-time data analytics.

Disaster recovery

Never worry about data-losses: back-ups are always there for you.


Your office is wherever you are – you just need to keep connected.

Costs reduction

No more huge amounts of money squandered to buy and maintain in-house hardware.

Competitive edge

Keep the pace of evolving business models with the most advanced digital tools and a smart operating system.


We define the project and draft the roadmap with clear steps and timing. The timing of the implementation process takes into account the Client’s pace to adapt to the new tools and the new technologies.


We partner with our Clients to support the organization and manage the change. Once the implementation of the project has been carried out, Logol ensures continuous coaching and assistance services.

Step 1

First of all, we get an in-depth insight of the business to perfectly align with our Client’s requirements. Then, we perform a thorough technical assessment to design the Cloud Infrastructure that best suits our Client’s needs.

Step 2

At the end of the assessment phase, we are able to elaborate a project and propose our bespoke solution. We propose it to the Client and, once agreed upon, we move up to the next step.

Step 3

We get the Infrastructure ready to receive your data and provide the necessary tools to work in a Cloud environment.

Step 4

We provide comprehensive training, with particular attention to Change Management to fully leverage the advantages of the new technology. And once the implementation process is over, we keep by your side to support you.
Case History

Cloud Migration Advisor

We met our Client’s requirements by providing strategic consulting and implementation support to rationalize the Client’s technological infrastructure. So, we could fully enable the collaboration potential offered by state-of-the-art Cloud tools.

The project involved all of the company functions in order to align with their requirements and design a modern and efficient corporate architecture.


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