AI-based applications

Thanks to our bespoke digital tools, we leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to optimize the internal processes of your organization. Thus, we help you to achieve goals that would be off the radar using ready-made solutions.

Extracting value from big data

Our custom solutions are already empowering users to unprecedented levels in such fields as: knowledge management, stock optimization, anomaly detection, customer engagement, chatbots.

AI revolution

The AI revolution is here to stay and in a short time it will be embedded in every aspect of our everyday life. Facial recognition; natural language interaction; diagnosing and treating patients: Artificial Intelligence is applicable to any field of human activities. The collaboration between human beings and intelligent tools is completely changing the way we work and how we manage our businesses. And Logol is your best partner to leverage applied intelligence in your business.

Artificial Intelligence is applicable to any field of human activities

Facial Recognition

Recognize people and their emotions at a glance

Natural Language Interaction

Remove any interface and learn to listen to your users

Knowledge Management

Find everything you need, even without knowing it exists

Data Analysis

Terabyte of valuable information distilled but not aged

Medical Sector

Reduce errors and average hospitalization, optimize shifts and consultations


Minimize inventory, prevent breakages, increase productivity

Finance Sector

Navigate through mountains of data and observe every little anomaly

Human Resources

Discover the potential and critical issues of your employees, optimize teams


Step 1

At the very heart of a Custom project lies the activation of a thorough advisory service to get a detailed picture of our Client’s business. Thus, we partner with our Clients to identify issues that have to be solved and opportunities that can be seized with the implementation of bespoke AI solutions. Once we are perfectly aligned with our Client, we elaborate and submit the best solution – together with a definite roadmap of the project.

Step 2

Logol operates with a highly competent development team to create the most effective AI-based solutions that are tailor-suited to meet your unique requirements. When necessary, Logol takes care of the entire AI training process, including computing power.

Step 3

The AI engines created by Logol can be integrated into the heart of the organizations and systems used by each customer. Thanks to our support, the integration can happen in parallel with other internal IT projects, with the customer only monitoring it.


We define the project and draft the roadmap with clear steps and timing. The timing of the implementation process takes into account the Client’s pace to adapt to the new tools and the new technologies.


We partner with our Clients to support the organization and manage the change. Once the implementation of the project has been carried out, Logol ensures continuous coaching and assistance services.

Case History

Legal AI ChatBot

Thanks to natural language interaction, it is possible to create advanced dialogue systems that use memory, personal preferences and contextual understanding to deliver a proactive natural language interface. Implementation of a system of semantic analysis of the legal documentation that allows the navigation of basic complex and articulated data. The realized system allows the lawyer through a dialogue with natural language to find relevant
information and documents according to the described scenario.

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