Logol white paper on AI in the legal profession

03/06/2020 January 28th, 2021

Artificial intelligence specialist illustrates how technology is redefining the way legal work is conceived, managed and executed, and how this will impact lawyers and law firms



Mendrisio, 3 June 2020 – Logol, a pioneering Swiss company in the field of artificial intelligence, releases a white paper today entitled “Artificial Intelligence in the legal profession”. As a specialist technology partner of law firms preparing for the game-changing advent of AI, Logol has a privileged vantage point on how technology will transform the world of law and the market for legal services. The white paper can be requested with accompanying press materials from Logol’s PR agency and is available for download from the Logol website at: www.logol.com.


“Recent developments are accelerating the trend that sees unprecedented levels of automation permeating the legal profession,” says Marco Farina, Founder and CEO of Logol, “This AI-driven revolution is redefining the business scenario, with early adopters of expert systems benefiting from enormous competitive advantages.”


Early data shared by Logol highlight how lawyers and law firms can best face the disruptive change that is taking place in the market for legal services. Focus is on various areas of the legal profession where AI is helping lawyers work faster, such as collecting information, preparing cases, predicting litigation outcomes, reviewing contracts and automating document management, as well as areas where AI can augment the human capabilities necessary to a successful attorney.


“Law firms and legal professionals will achieve new standards of effectiveness and efficiency. The cost of legal services will come down, greatly benefitting also the consumer,” says Marco Farina. “For the first time, embracing technological innovation becomes crucial for all legal practices, to better leverage resources, reduce internal costs and offer enhanced service for less.”




Logol, a pioneering Swiss company in the field of artificial intelligence, brings the extraordinary benefits of this futuristic technology to the business world. Serving companies and organizations across multiple sectors, Logol offers advisory services, cloud migration services, cybersecurity solutions, best in class business applications and custom AI-based software development. Logol’s success is based on its extraordinary international team of digital natives with top-class education from some of the most prestigious universities worldwide and extensive experience creating AI-based solutions. Founded in 2017, Logol is rapidly expanding, with 50+ people across offices in Zurich, Chiasso, Lausanne (Gland) and Milan.


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