Logol SMARTWORK task force: stay safe, stay competitive

16/03/2020 January 28th, 2021

Dedicated teams to accelerate implementation of flexible work solutions in wake of today’s rising demand

Mendrisio, 16 March 2020 – Logol, a pioneering Swiss company in the field of artificial intelligence, announces the activation of its new SMARTWORK task force specialized in accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises following the rising demand for flexible working solutions.

“In light of the Covid-19 emergency, the ability of businesses to remain operative while meeting social distancing mandates from governments throughout Europe is a pivotal requirement for competitiveness, and sometimes even survival,” says Marco Farina, Founder and CEO of Logol. “Companies who have already embraced end-to-end digitalization, spearheading the implementation of advanced cloud-based solutions, can now swiftly and seamlessly adopt work from home policies for their employees. These are often necessary as part of an effective response to today’s unprecedented health concerns.”

Flexible working, also referred to as remote working or telecommuting, provides numerous other benefits to both employers and workers. A Forbes article titled “Benefits Of Telecommuting For The Future Of Work” concluded, already in 2017, that working from home improves productivity, is better for worker health and the environment, decreases costs and reduces employee turnover. Studies also indicate that over 40% of work could be done remotely and 34% of workers would work from home on a full time basis if given the chance.

Remote working is an important aspect of digital transformation. Adopting forms of flexible work means not only responding to an urgent requirement stemming from a global health crisis, but preparing for a future where digitalization and AI will reshape the workplace in many sectors, thus securing a ‘must have’ competitive edge.

“We have initiated a study together with Logol clients on the results of flexible working and will collect structured data and specific feedback throughout the coming weeks, now that more and more firms are encouraging professionals to stay home,” says Marco Farina. “The objective is to continue accelerating the pace at which our teams can support the transition of our clients from the more traditional workplace environment to the cloud-based, AI-enabled setup that is going to be the future of all business scenarios.”


Logol, a pioneering Swiss company in the field of artificial intelligence, brings the extraordinary benefits of this futuristic technology to the business world. Serving companies and organizations across multiple sectors, Logol offers advisory services, cloud migration services, cybersecurity solutions, best in class business applications and custom AI-based software development. Logol’s success is based on its extraordinary international team of digital natives with top-class education from some of the most prestigious universities worldwide and extensive experience creating AI-based solutions. Founded in 2017, Logol is rapidly expanding, with 50+ people across offices in Zurich, Chiasso, Lausanne (Gland) and Milan.

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