Logol brings the audience of Eco-Smart Cities 2021 into the future

23/10/2021 December 23rd, 2021

Marco Farina, Founder and CEO of Logol, delivers visionary speech

Zug, 23 October 2021 – Logol, an innovative Swiss technology solutions provider, shed light on the future of the AI revolution at Eco-Smart Cities 2021, the inaugural thought leadership symposium on digital transformation, environment-friendly lifestyles and sustainable urban development. Marco Farina, the company’s Founder and CEO, addressed the international audience gathered at the event in Genoa and Savona, Italy, on 22-23 October, and took part in the focus sessions organized aboard Costa Smeralda, the fifth largest cruise ship in the world.

“As we check the pulse of the digital economy, we can feel an acceleration taking place,” said Marco Farina, Founder and CEO of Logol. “In the five years to come, technology-driven change will become even more disruptive and astonishing. A digitally empowered ecosystem such as the state-of-the-art cruise ship offers a fascinating laboratory to experiment how AI can help to further reduce our environmental impact, improve the living experience and increase inclusiveness within communities and society in general.”

“Flagship of the Costa Crociere fleet, part of Carnival Corporation, Costa Smeralda is a veritable floating city in miniature, with 20 decks and up to 6,554 passengers and crew,” illustrated Franco Caraffi, Carnival Corporation’s IT Director. “The ship is at the forefront in the development of sustainable practices in the food, water, energy and waste management sectors and the use of technology to boost efficiency and improve the overall experience of guests.”

“On board a cruise ship, enhancing the user experience is paramount,” Marco Farina went on to say. “This should inspire development also in the wider world: as technology is authoritarian, it is up to the solution providers and policy makers to ensure that the highest percentage of users sees their necessities and aspirations met. Fortunately, that same technology that is revolutionizing our world can help us do this. Just like AI chatbots can understand requests expressed in natural language and even identify the personality of a user in order to present information in a way that is more natural to them, AI has the ability to understand the type of user of any device and adjust accordingly.”

Entrepreneur and digital transformation expert with a profound knowledge of private and public sector business and IT systems, Marco Farina was recently awarded as MVP (‘Most Valuable Professional’) by Microsoft Corporation for the fifth consecutive year, giving him early access to Microsoft’s latest hardware and software technology and the possibility to connect with the company’s most visionary executives.


Logol, Swiss provider of cutting-edge technology solutions, brings the extraordinary benefits of digital transformation and artificial intelligence to the business world. Founded in 2017, the Zug-based company focuses on how the relentless pace of technological innovation is driving market trends. In only four years, Logol has successfully deployed more than 100 projects in a range of key sectors, helping clients to optimize costs, uncover new business opportunities and take their organizations into the future. Rapidly expanding throughout Switzerland and internationally, Logol engages a unique team of 50+ highly qualified and experienced digital-native professionals across its offices in Zurich, Zug, Lausanne (Gland) and Chiasso.

Eco-Smart Cities 2021, launched by Wise Media’s Sustainable Development Advisory Board, Eco-Smart Cities 2021 opened its doors in Genova and Savona, Italy, on 22-23 October, gathering an international panel of policy makers, industry leaders and pioneering adopters of state-of-the-art solutions leaning on the latest digital technologies. The format of the event offers an open debate platform and focused working tables, on board a cruise ship acting as an inspiring backdrop for new project development.

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