Kellerhals Carrard and Logol Forge Pioneering AI Partnership with EFFE


Zurich, 27 March 2024 – In a landmark move for the Swiss legal and financial sectors, Kellerhals Carrard, one of the country’s premier law firms, has partnered with AI leader Logol AG. This strategic alliance heralds the adoption of ‘EFFE’, a state-of-the-art AI solution by Logol.  

EFFE is at the forefront of financial technology, ingeniously blending Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation. This potent combination offers an unprecedented edge in pinpointing and managing financial data, which is ever more crucial in today’s fast-evolving economic landscape. 

To meet Kellerhals Carrard’s specific needs, EFFE’s “Anomaly Detection” feature was customized to efficiently process vast volumes of financial data, streamlining workflows and enhancing decision-making with concise management summaries. The integration of EFFE into Kellerhals Carrard’s IT infrastructure ensured the utmost security and data governance. 

The partnership between Kellerhals Carrard and Logol AG transcends mere technological advancement; it epitomizes Kellerhals Carrard’s steadfast dedication to pioneering innovation in the legal field. The adoption of Logol’s EFFE solution accentuates Kellerhals Carrard’s position as a leader in integrating cutting-edge AI technologies, boosting both, service quality and operational effectiveness. 

For Logol AG, this collaboration marks a significant extension of their expertise beyond their renowned cloud-based AI solutions for the legal arena, affirming their competence in crafting AI-driven tools for the financial sector as well. This partnership is a testament to Logol’s versatility and prowess in leveraging AI technology across various fields. 


About Kellerhals Carrard: 

Kellerhals Carrard is the largest Swiss law firm with over 300 legal experts. Kellerhals Carrard is represented in 6 major cities of Switzerland and in Shanghai and Tokio. Renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen, Kellerhals Carrard caters to a diverse clientele, including corporates, international organizations, public authorities, and private individuals. Learn more 

About Logol: 

Logol AG is a Swiss leader in AI technology, specializing in cloud-based and AI solutions for a variety of sectors. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has made them a significant player in the AI landscape.