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The rapid and accelerating pace of technological innovation is making digital transformation a determining factor in the success of any business venture. We help you stay abreast of change, reach your digital transformation goals and master the tools of the digital economy that are needed to stay competitive in today’s markets.

Logol is the first operator specifically created to implement modular digitalization programs designed to rationalize effort, time and costs of your progressive digital transformation plan.

Headquartered in Switzerland, founded and directed by a visionary expert and Microsoft MVP, Logol addresses the needs of enterprises of any size and in all sectors, offering end-to-end consultancy for total digital transformation with ensured ROI.


The disruptive force of the cloud Technology is increasingly inside of everything, data volumes continue to rise and connectivity has become pervasive. The challenge and also the opportunity for businesses of all sizes is to harness this disruptive force to become more agile, more efficient and ultimately to control their own destiny. Corporate leaders need to re-envision business models and embrace new ways of connecting people, data and processes in order to create value for their customers and their organization.


Driving Digital Transformation

Logol’s mission is to provide flexible, intelligent cloud solutions, supported by agile methodologies and innovative change management approaches, to help companies quickly innovate business processes, products and user experiences – creating new revenue opportunities and keeping them a step ahead of their customers and the competition.


Marco Farina Founder and CEO
experienced team is led by millennial IT expert and visionary Marco Ambrogio Farina. A digital native with a profound knowledge of private and public sector business and IT systems, Marco Farina is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and an internationally recognized expert in digital transformation. He has directed information technology services for large-scale organizations in finance, telecommunications and healthcare, transforming business operations and processes and managing senior teams of highly integrated technical professionals. He promotes agile principles, corporate culture fostering innovation and collaboration, improving user experience through user feedback and fast value creation to improve ROI. Marco Farina has a degree in computer engineering and an MBA from the Politecnico di Milano.

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